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Valentine’s day is here..are you ready?

I came across this collecton browsing through various blogs so ofcourse I had to check out there siteand  wow…the vintage! the retro! the sexy! vibes that there brand new Valentine Vamp collection gives out is definitely a must try…I mean, valentine’s day is around the corner…and if your pondering on what to get your partner? this is it! Just put this on and you’ve made his/her year! They range from panty and bra sets to vintage corsets, and get this…they go up to a size 4X so all my women are covered. Another thing I loved was the model, her tattoos give a naughty bad ass vibe,pin up girl look like Marilyn Monroe gone rogue and I love it!


love the corset

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So sexy lingerie for us curvy women is usually hard to come by and if you do find something that actually fits…the price tag on it is a jaw dropper, well this is the site to shop from for all your lingerie needs.

There items are also flexible because you could turn it from a bedroom look to a night out in the town.

The corset could go over a tank top and some skinny or flared jeans with some killer heels, and your ready for that hot date.

I also like what they did below with the bra, it just shows you al the possibilities, don’t be shy! dare to be different, love your curves! 🙂


love the bra with skirt!


A 2die4 shoot!

It’s here! it’s finally here~ The plus-size photoshoot of the year is right around the corner, the soon to be biggest fashion house in Nairobi  Fashion2die4 is conducting it’s first plus size photo shoot for us curvy women. I’m particularly excited about this one, because my friend owner and founder of fashion2die4  George does a great job at directing shoots and coming up with great concepts and his partner the gorgeous Hanako does nothing short of an amazing job at styling the models and makeup, talented duo they are :-). Check out the fashion site here . Below is some of the amazing work they have done in the past collaborated with various photographers.

eye candy

Now these is just a speck of the amazing stuff fashion2die4 can do.

In the works is a show stopping runway show from various Kenyan designers that will cater to our curvy silhouettes for showcase. This will be a spectacular event,

details to be released in the near future. All to be done by the fashion house Fashion2die4.

This shoot is definately 2die4, can’t wait to see the pics!

The Feminist Kitchen

Satire has always been sticky.

When Dallasite Nancy Upton heard about American Apparel’s tacky pitch for a plus-size modeling contest, she was pissed. She writes on the Daily Beast:

The message [was] that a subservient, nearly naked woman has always earned a place in American Apparel’s advertising with no trouble, but that larger women need to vote each other down and compete against one another to even deserve a chance.

If you’re not familiar with American Apparel’s advertising style, it looks something like this:

Size-2 women, usually not more than 24 years of age, wearing next to nothing. Unstyled hair, no makeup, ruffled sheets. You can almost smell the sex.

American Apparel hasn’t been very “plus-size friendly” in recent years, so Upton wasn’t the only person who felt their attempt to court slightly larger consumers was more than a little disingenuous.  (And what of the plus-size men who…

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