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Who Run The World……

Who Run The World……

Girls!! women!! This post goes out to all women, girls, young And old, skinny, curvy, black, white, asian, rich poor,we are the mother’s, child bearer’s, we are heads of household, back bones of families. We are SHE. SHE that can set her mind to do and does! SHE that does as nothing is impossible, SHE that works days and nights to make ends meet! SHE that waits at home patiently to cater to her husband, SHE that plays role model to the young of the community/siblings/strangers, SHE that has to endure the daily struggle of working to achieve equality, SHE that looks in the mirror and struggles to look beautiful, SHE that loves her curves. We are SHE.

“Can you imagine a world without men? No crime and lots of happy, fat women.” – Sylvia Plath.

With that said….This dress right here for some reason gives a sense of power, confidence, a feeling of… nothing is impossible or unattainable. Or maybe it was just because of the spike detail on the shoulder that made me feel dangerous or the double splits that made me feel fierce.

“Don’t settle for average. Bring your best to the moment. Then, whether it fails or succeeds, at least you know you gave all you had. We need to live the best that is in us.” Angela Basset



















He who would learn to fly one day, must first learn to stand and to walk and run and climb and dance ; one cannot fly into flying. Friedrich Nietzsche

I believe I can fly.


In Living Color + Reviews

So I have a new obsession with a color that is totally off for this winter seasons trend which is dark rich colors such as burgundy, deep rich reds.
I’m tapping into spring 2013 with the lavender and purples which im predicting will be hot this spring.
Matte palettes have also been hot this past season and I’m a huge fan of matte lipsticks but after I discovered matte nail polish! I had to have it…but that proved to be very difficult. It was always sold out at sephora, couldn’t find it anywhere online. But on a random Saturday I walked into a local drug store to buy some multi-vitamins and of course I had to check out the make up aisle (bad habit) and came across two beautiful purple shade lipsticks and a lavender colored nail polish and Lo and Behold! Revlon Matte top coat :), my day had officially been made!

1st things first…my fav…the nail polish

I used black as the base coat for the matte top coat because they compliment each other well and Essie “play date” for the design with some embelishment, check out below




The lipsticks I’ll make quick starting with the better one: Loreal-Violet Chiffon that appears more like a magenta which goes on smooth and last forever, I would definitely recommend it. I just love the brightness of it…almost neon-ish


The one below is Covergirl-Embrace from the Queen Collection. As you will see with the swatch it definitely looks darker than it may appear from the base, I wasn’t excited about this one because of its shade,too dark and nothing screamed out unique color to me. It had a shimmer to it as well, which works for a night out in town look if your into a dark lip.


Overall I was very impressed with how the nails turned out And can’t wait to play with the lipsticks on a night out of town with my girls.

The soul becomes dyed with the color of its thoughts.
Marcus Aurelius

Winter Nights-Oldies but Goodies

A woman’s dress should be like a barbed-wire fence: serving its purpose without obstructing the view Sophia Loren.

This look i love because it made me feel sophisticated liked aged wine… old glam so to speak. It’s definitely a holiday party look/dinner party/wedding rehearsal dinner type outfit. As a curvy girl high waist skirts are your best friend, I have watched some plus size women and some of us might tend to lack outfits that accentuate our waists…hmm….ya’ll know what I mean. So a high waist will define your curves. Please lets not forget . The Oldie outfits that proved to be Goodie is this high waist skirt I scored  years ago in New Jersey before high waist trends from  the 80’s and 90’s were back in style, glad I hang on to it ;-).  The houndstooth sweater I was gifted by my mother years ago as well for a job interview, she bought it at Dressbarn and i have never worn it until today, unfortunately I did not appreciate a houndstooth print sweater right after high school. Sorry mama. Clearly fashion matures with age as well because I am loving it now. I’m sure we have all had the moment where we looked back at old pictures and thought “what was i thinking wearing that?” I’ve had   a few of those moments with my Facebook pics. Check the pics out below (click on a pic for a slideshow) 🙂

I paired the skirt and sweater with sequined pumps rom Bakers that definitely  sum up the party outfit with some spark and another oldie that proves quality does go along way because this Nine West wristlet is a staple in my day to day activities that has lasted me years.


It doesn’t matter which side of the fence you get off sometimes. What matters most is getting off. You cannot make progress without making decisions. Jim Rohn.

It’s New Beginnings! What didn’t make it last year…

Every new year is about new beginnings…new diets…new financial goals…new ambitions…I mean I could go on. But let’s be honest everyone sets out to have these goals accomplished but life comes along and half of those goals end up completed, the rest to be saved for the following years resolution.  Best advice I saw somewhere is that it’s best to be silent and you can plan better than the ones that are talking.

This year I will come in with a bang, I will no longer forsake my blog! Curvy girls all over need me…hehe.  Here are a pics that did not make a post last year

I plan so much or myself, remember nothing can hold you back but yourself! Go out there and be what and where you want to be…but remember! Rome was not built-in one day!! So don’t expect miracles to happen overnight….with that said…God’s speed my lovelies. Lets endure this journey together.

Please comment below on any ideas you may want to shoot out, any products you want reviewed. Styles you may want tried on a plus size body. I’m open or criticism, but no negativity.

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