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Easy Breezy

Mondays seem to be the worst day known to man lol but I celebrate it because it’s my fri. I’m never off on weekends and after 32 hrs of work, Mondays get to be ME days… I can relax all day without a care in the world for much needed recuperation rest.

Today I ended up running errands with a friend and she had so many worries in this life, I was thinking… Life is too short to be sweat the little things… Where there is a will there is always a way.

Someone once quoted that life is really simple but we insist of making it complicated.

On that note, my day today is chilled, decided to go with a multi colored maxi skirt from Ross, a simple tank top and some sandals I got from Maasai market (Kenya).

On that note… Have a great day loves, I’m headed for a swim to cool down from this blazing heat






We definately need 25hrs in a day because there is simply not enough hrs in a day to get tasks completed, I have been so busy and havn’t had the time to post to the blog, I have been taking plenty of pictures though, of my styling escapades and of casual outfits I put together and I will discuss the do’s and don’ts of putting outfits together. Xoxox

But in the mean time…stick those stillettos on and chin up, back straight and conquer!

Dare to bare!

I work 16 hr days and at the end of the shift all I can think of is jumping in a hot shower and climbing in my cozy bed wearing nothing but my moisturizer’s scent, I mean… it’s so liberating to let your skin breath! Sometimes I may be leaving work in the wee hours of the morning or in the late night, but always prefers to bare all at night… why is that? Like i’m more comfortable in the nude at night? Is it because it’s dark and less meets the eye? I don’t think so, because I love the way I look. Or is it because it’s only natural that nightfall sets the mood? hmm…who knows. Like Chris Brown says….”I hope you take this the wrong way, but you look better with lights off “>

German high fashion designer Karl Lagerfield once stated that “no one wants to see curvy women” Like every celebrity, he ate his words up and later photographed the plus size burlesque star Miss Dirty Martini for V magazine. This was a size issue that hit stands last year but the pictures were beautiful2010-01-11-karl.jpg


Dim the lights one night and dare to bare all!! watch your silhouette in front of the mirror and admire the beauty before you, admire the curves and  say yes! i’m amazing!  look at how good I look!” Eleanor Roosevelt said “nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent”

So if you ever bow your head ashamed because of what someone said about your body,you alone are to blame because you let them steal your confidence and you should never let anybody do that to you, especially a man!

On that note…put those stillettos on and dare to bare all! chin up and take on the challenge.

Celebrate the curve!

Here are a few pics of big beautiful curvy women, *do not open this at work because most of the women are almost in the nude, but we had to see those curves in totatility. I mean who would trade all these curves for a *celery stick? Size 0 clad women who have nothing to show! I chose to show semi-nude pics because in order to love oneself in clothing, you have to love yourself naked 1st! Same concept goes to loving someone else, you cannot claim to love another if you have no love for yourself. Love yourself, for if you don’t, how can you expect someone else to love you!


curvy aliens

***“To love oneself is the beginning of a life-long romance”—Oscar Wilde

Hello Beautiful people

This is a blog for the woman, the curvy sexy woman. Sexy is not about the style of your dress or the way you wear your hair…Sexy is the confidence in you and how you present it to the world.

Many voluptuous women I have come to realize do not portray the amount of confidence that they should. Just because your bigger does not make you less attractive or or any less sexy. Ladies our confidence makes us who we are. It allows to feel like we can conquer the world, go after your goals and ambitions without and distraction. Self-esteem is key ladies.

Let us all take this journey together, we are a movement of independence pride and LOVE, you have  love yourself before anything else.

Step out there chin up, back straight, stick that smile on, even if it may seem hard at times, you don’t want anyone to see you down, put them heels on and take over the world!!!



For all you people out there trying to get to the next level, just remember that you only have one chance to make a good first impression.

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A stilleto is key!

First things 1st ladies! the foundation of your outfit should always be ….your shoes of course! Just find a sexy pair and notice the kind of difference it makes to your mood. But first! you have to be willing to embrace it! I have a couple of friend that are afraid of wearing a high heel because *it hurts* well honey, beauty is pain! Some sacrifices have to be made to look fierce! not attractive but fierce! i’ll explain the difference in a bit.

Wedges are manageable, they have really cute one’s in all kinds of bright colors but I love platforms! I’m such a shoe whore! And many of you women can relate to this, I could do any and everything for shoes, I crave shoes like one may crave shoes! lol, do I need help? Visit my site Today, I went past the mall, just window shopping and this is what i ended up with

all in a days work

shoe whore

Included in this bunch is a favorite!  As a curvy women, it is hard for us to find over the knee boots that can actually get passed our calves! Unfortunately shoes are not usually made in our favor but I found a pair of over the knee stretch boots with a platform heel! yes!! talk about excitement! it was a shoegasm!


Concluding today’s post, earlier I mentioned looking fierce and not attractive! Ladies attractiveness is portrayed by the person that you are and the beauty within that cannot be or altered by any kind of makeup, it is the way you carry yourself that makes you attractive, but the way you dress or shoes you wear could make you fierce!

***“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results ~Willie Nelson

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