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A stilleto is key!

First things 1st ladies! the foundation of your outfit should always be ….your shoes of course! Just find a sexy pair and notice the kind of difference it makes to your mood. But first! you have to be willing to embrace it! I have a couple of friend that are afraid of wearing a high heel because *it hurts* well honey, beauty is pain! Some sacrifices have to be made to look fierce! not attractive but fierce! i’ll explain the difference in a bit.

Wedges are manageable, they have really cute one’s in all kinds of bright colors but I love platforms! I’m such a shoe whore! And many of you women can relate to this, I could do any and everything for shoes, I crave shoes like one may crave shoes! lol, do I need help? Visit my site Today, I went past the mall, just window shopping and this is what i ended up with

all in a days work

shoe whore

Included in this bunch is a favorite!  As a curvy women, it is hard for us to find over the knee boots that can actually get passed our calves! Unfortunately shoes are not usually made in our favor but I found a pair of over the knee stretch boots with a platform heel! yes!! talk about excitement! it was a shoegasm!


Concluding today’s post, earlier I mentioned looking fierce and not attractive! Ladies attractiveness is portrayed by the person that you are and the beauty within that cannot be or altered by any kind of makeup, it is the way you carry yourself that makes you attractive, but the way you dress or shoes you wear could make you fierce!

***“Once you replace negative thoughts with positive ones, you’ll start having positive results ~Willie Nelson


strap them shoes on and walk with me, let's talk...

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