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Trending: Furs and Oversize Sweaters

So it’s the end of the year….unbelivable how fast this year ended, i remember the beginning like it was yesterday! … Back to the post, this time around I’ve followed a few bloggers, fashionistas and oversize sweaters and furs seems to be the latest trend, I actually love this one, im sure PETA is not too pleased about all the fur bracing the streets, with the amount of street styles I have seen in fur…i highly doubt PETA could keep up with pouring a bag of flour on everyone, lol. Below is my rendition on the trend, I got a new camera as well! Yay! Finally! I have wanted it for the longest time and I love it, the pictures below will be the first, and I was naive to the amount of detail in the pictures, lol.  So i apologize in advance…


18 (2)





13 (2)

I went pretty simple with this look, flaws and all…meaning no make up at all. I’m also rocking some new hair to the blog (artificial dreads).

The look is punk rock with some tribal prints like  skirt I scored for $2! and the oversize bracelets I got from Maasai Market in Nairobi, Kenya.




21 15


Even with all my flaws that this camera reveals, one can only live by loving oneself. I can never stress how important confidence is and wreaks like a bad odor, anyone can sniff your lack of  it miles away. So ladies I leave you with this, as we usher on a new year. LIVE, LOVE, LAUGH (cliché) for yourself and no one else! PEACE.


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