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The Ripped Jean

I love the destroyed denim style, some may call it ripped/destroyed or distressed jean, whatever suits. But it is really frustrating to see them everywhere but not in plus size?? I got a pair once at, but it wasn’t quite what I as looking for, so you know what…I made my own. All you need is an old pair of jeans. I don’t suggest you use new ones because you are about to destroy them, hehe. This should be fun :-). If you don’t have any that you want to rip, visit your local thrift store and get a pair from there.

Ok, what you will need is a pair of jeans and a razor and slash away. Put them on first and mark where you want the slits to be, you dont want to start cutting away and find, where you thought was the knee is now a big hole on your thigh, also find some pics of distressed jeans online that you like and use them as inspiration.

I had before and after pics of my jeans but somehow, they got lost in my phone (don’t know how that happened). Here are some pics of jeans I liked…let’ s see if you can duplicate the style. If you want the faded look to go with it too, just put some bleach in a spray bottle and spray away.BUT be careful where you spray! Share pics of your work here with me

Good thing with these, if you make a mistake, the jeans can still be worn. Get some funky colored tights or fishnets and just wear them underneath to give an edgy twist.


It’s Black Friday!

Thanksgiving is over, and we all better have been thankful for these curvy bodies of ours! And for those people that we have loved and lost.

Ok, sexy thick ladies, the sales are up it’s really crazy going into them stores right now. So how bout shopping online instead?

There are plenty sales out there for us, I really didn’t get the time to compile a list for ya’ll but these lovely ladies did! 🙂

Thank you and Curvy magazine look them up on facebook and bwose they websites, they have awesome info on everything curvy.

Shopping list:

Above are links to their websites and on there, they have had the pleasure of compiling a list of all the great bargains going on. Happy Shopping!

Remember most of the sales are over at midnight 11/25/11!!


Simply Casual

So this outfit was worn on a loose Monday, was hungry so decided to go out for a drink with friends, since it was just a casual and a chilly night out (winter is here 😦 ), I threw on a belted grey sweater, a pair of tights  and some booties.

The reason for a belted sweater is, some sweaters you could wear and just get lost in them, meaning they wont accentuate your curves, A belt is to give you definition, if the sweater doesnt come with a belt improvise and slip of one of your own belts, red, yellow, green for some added color or for just a casual night a black belt around the waist, will give your the added curves.

Sorry ladies, in future posts I will include links on where to find similar fashions and most “our” size. :-). Coz we love our curves!

I loved the lace detail that came down the sides of the tights, I believe I got them at dots. And the zipper booties, I got from my collection, bought them a couple yrs back.  I had stopped carrying big bags awhile back that’s why I have the Nine west red wrislet, but I think i’ll get back into carrying around a oversize bag because there are lot of necessities I need with me, that I always leave in my car.

Here’s a closer look at the booties I just loved the zipper detail,and I loved the interior even more, lol what good is that if i’m just going to wear the shoe and cover all that? lol I’m just weird like that.

Well Ladies, remeber your curves are luscious, embrace them with fashion and a mean stilletto! Keep your head up, wear your confidence because that is the most attractive part of a woman! xoxo

The Unmentionables

Your probably wondering what I could possibly be talking about when I mention the unmentionables….well…here goes girdles,  shapewear     how bout we call them intimates hmm…You rarely here a woman say she is shopping for some girdles or shapewear. When reality is, maybe we should shop for them a little more often. Only problem is…when it comes to being intimate, you dont want any man knowing you have some kind of shapewear on…and to be honest. You have to find your own tactics of being discreet with them. They really help when it come to wearing clothes that are a little more fitting. You wouldn’t want all kinds of burges seem to be pouring out from you outfit, ESPECIALLY having the stomach hanging over your pants! Ladies…this is NOT ATTRACTIVe, let me repeat that IT IS NOT ATTRACTIVE, thats why some have to invest in shapewear. It is not a taboo, and once you realize it’s effects then you get to learn it’s perks. Walmart has a brand of high waisted tights or spanx which are more discreet and can be worn with a dress or skirt as tights.

High waisted underwear are also good but not great because they have the tendency of rolling downwards and believe me, if this happens your in for a rough day. I suggest anything high waisted and check for a rubber inner lining that will help prevent the rolling downward effect.

If there any men reading this…you should have quit reading at about the 1st sentence lol. Oh well! now you know our secret, lol. But ladies don’t be shy! This will give you a coke figure effect, or just to hold everything in tight.

Below I will include a video of what a shape shaper can do. This one was a bit drastic but trust me….they work miracles as you will see….The brand of the product used shown in the video, you may research on it, as you wish

Perfect Gift

It’s almost Christmas time and I came across a pic of this YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) cuff. It’s gold and just beautiful. all kinds of outfits go through my head that would go perfect with this cuff. I have searched the net and can’t find this particular, but similar ones cost about $995 at neiman marcus and umm……that is a little much for this little pockets of mine. Especially since i’m planning this  trip back to Kenya next month

It looks like solid gold…so i’m guessing it costs an arm and a leg. But it’s just gorgeous to lust over and hope that one day I’ll be making enough to afford it. 🙂

the little black dress

Every woman has that little black dress that they can put on and feel like a diva! It could be the dress you wear to a wedding or the freakum dress to a club. Black for the curvy woman is very slimming(I guess that’s why my whole closet is filled with black, lol).  But ladies….like Joan Rivers said,”black is slimming but does not perform magic.” So we still have to know how to wear it and what dress shapes accentuate our curves and not make us bulge in all the wrong places.

On the above outfit, I had a top that would stretch down to below my bottom, so I chose to wear it as a dress on a night out with some friends paired with stockings and bright yellow lacy peep toe heels that I got for a steal! (they were on sale for $9). The yellow brings the outfit to life. A YELLOW THICK belt around the waist would do great to hide any unflattering burges around the waist.  Accessorize the outfit to make the outfit pop!

Above is an example on how to wear the belt, I was feeling rather bloated and needed the belt to wear over my waist. The black sweater dress accentuated with accessories to give it a rocker look. If your not too comfortable with showing too much skin, slap on a pair of tights, they also help in holding everything in *my ladies know what I mean. I absolutely love the silver headband, it helps cure my bad hair day, plus you can wear it to a dressy occasion or on a casual day out or even to work.

Below I will show
a few pics of my friends in there little black dresses, they are curvy and sexy and wear the dresses well 🙂

Accessorize it!

I have this crazy thing for accessories lately and the good thing with them is,  if you switch up accessories and colors on an outfit, you could make a simple dress or a pair of jeans look totally different. Try it, colors shapes and sizes.

Today I came across some spiked earrings and bracelet,  an over-sized necklace with big crystal ball at the end of it, that I absolutely loved. These I will wear when going for the rocker look, sort of like a rebellious child with dark makeup and all. Or I  could glam it up because they are shiny.

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