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In Living Color + Reviews

So I have a new obsession with a color that is totally off for this winter seasons trend which is dark rich colors such as burgundy, deep rich reds.
I’m tapping into spring 2013 with the lavender and purples which im predicting will be hot this spring.
Matte palettes have also been hot this past season and I’m a huge fan of matte lipsticks but after I discovered matte nail polish! I had to have it…but that proved to be very difficult. It was always sold out at sephora, couldn’t find it anywhere online. But on a random Saturday I walked into a local drug store to buy some multi-vitamins and of course I had to check out the make up aisle (bad habit) and came across two beautiful purple shade lipsticks and a lavender colored nail polish and Lo and Behold! Revlon Matte top coat :), my day had officially been made!

1st things first…my fav…the nail polish

I used black as the base coat for the matte top coat because they compliment each other well and Essie “play date” for the design with some embelishment, check out below




The lipsticks I’ll make quick starting with the better one: Loreal-Violet Chiffon that appears more like a magenta which goes on smooth and last forever, I would definitely recommend it. I just love the brightness of it…almost neon-ish


The one below is Covergirl-Embrace from the Queen Collection. As you will see with the swatch it definitely looks darker than it may appear from the base, I wasn’t excited about this one because of its shade,too dark and nothing screamed out unique color to me. It had a shimmer to it as well, which works for a night out in town look if your into a dark lip.


Overall I was very impressed with how the nails turned out And can’t wait to play with the lipsticks on a night out of town with my girls.

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