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Black & White

I can’t sleep,it’s 4am and I figured why not post? hehe. I never have time on the same day to make outfit posts, that explains me keeping plenty pics on my computer ready to be posted.

Xmas eave I went out with some friends and decided to wear a black and white very simple lady-like dress, but if you follow my posts by now, umm….im probably not that simple, so I vamped the outfit with black and silver spike accessories and black peep-toe booties with silver spikes. Yes, this was the kind of shoes, that if anyone looked down….they wouldn’t bother pestering me, lol.

To finish off the outfit I carried a black and silver snakeskin oversize clutch and my fav ring from the kardashian collection.

All I could get were three pics because we were rushing out the house, but hopefully this enough to give some curvy women an idea on how to pull off a black and white oufit. xoxo. I also wish I got a close up of the shoes. they will make a debut on another post.

Put your stilletto’s on, walk with me and let me know what you think…leave a comment below 🙂

Color can do anything that black-and-white can…..Vincente Minnelli


Hitting the streets!

Now this outfit may a bit daring for most, especially us curvy women that may not like to show too much skin…but, you only live once and there classy ways of doing it. Confidence is key people!

I named the post Hitting the Streets! beacause when some of ya’ll see the outfit…hmm…yea. Enjoy.

Me and my girls were headed to enjoy the nightlife of Nairobi…the night ended up being unforgettable…here is a quick review of my outfit.

There were alot of pics, so I just made an album for them. I wore…

a lace top…red undergarments, if anything is going to show I like it to be red, red always brings the sexy.

A black and white striped skirt… I know I know as a curvy woman, stylists have mentioned plenty of times for us to avoid stripes like the plague….but you will see I pulled it off.

And a red heel to put the look together.

If you have a black motor jacket…it would go perfect with a striped skirt and chunky jeffrey campbell heels

25 ways to wear a scarf

My buddy brought this video to my attention…it was amazingly creative. Scarves have been a growing trend and simply add some spice to any outfit…the video was created by a fellow blogger wendyslookbook.  Her stuff is amazing. Anyways check out the video and you will think the same…

She is using an Alexander McQueen scarf  that retails at $295

color blocked x-mas!

So I enjoyed x-mas at my aunts there was plenty of food and laughter…I definitely had a good time.I hope everyone enjoyed there’s as well. This is a quick post of my outfit for the day. I color blocked with a purple shirt, yellow belt and and red stilletto’s and an old black skirt that I hadn’t worn in years. It’s illusioned to look like a wrap around skirt (from my office days) and I wore it high waisted with the belt around…just an idea to wear a skirt, putting a little new spin to an old outfit you might have got bored with.

Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.
Rabindranath Tagore

Market Day

Maxi dresses are awesome because they come right on and off, I love convenience.All you need to do is accessorize the dress to either dress it up or down. When im not in the mood of putting too much thought to my outfit, I just slip on a maxi dress. I wore this dress two days ago when me and my friend were going to take a walk to the market and do some grocery shopping.

It’s a bright canary yellow dress, perfect color for the sunny filled days in Nairobi.

A half denim jacket to hide me bra straps( yea I said it).

Pink cross body bag I found at Traffic for 10bucks! I absolutely love it, you will be seeing it a lot.

Easy slip on comfy leopard print flats.

It is festivity season, Xmas is tomorrow and our families are cooking all sorts of dishes, maxi dresses are perfect for hiding

our stuffed tummies or bloated stomachs…comfort is sort in a maxi dress.

“Sun is shining, Weather is sweet. Make you wanna move your dancing feet.”  Bob Marley.

Polite night…

This is a post of an outfit I wore awhile back, right before my month vacation to the motherland. I was to meet a few friends for some drinks, and planned for what was supposed to be a polite night…we ended up having a blast and partying till the early morn…a last hoora it definitely was.

At first I left the house wearing a plain black tank top underneath, the rocker michael jackson jacket as I call it lol.

I love tank tops of all colors because you can either dress them up or down. Bell bottom jeans I got from (took advantage of there half of everything sale).  Curvy ladies, invest in a pair of flared jeans, they give a beautiful silhouette of your curves. But the above is what I wore before I raided my friends closet.

I love sheer see-through tops, so when I saw the see through, low back top hanging in my friends closet, I had to try it on and I loved it!…hehe. I gifted it to myself, and she was kind enough to let me keep it.






















Remember, you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think. Unknown.







been MIA for a minute…lol. perfectly good excuse tho. I’m back to the motherland Nairobi, Kenya for the next month or so..and I just got this internet situation…situated, lol hate not having my wireless 😦 But on the other hand,I’m loving being on vacation, its beautiful down here, anything to get away from that winter cold! Uploading pics… posts coming up…stay tuned…

Remember..your curves are luscious!…Don’t let nobody tell you otherwise

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