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Valentine’s day is here..are you ready?

I came across this collecton browsing through various blogs so ofcourse I had to check out there siteand  wow…the vintage! the retro! the sexy! vibes that there brand new Valentine Vamp collection gives out is definitely a must try…I mean, valentine’s day is around the corner…and if your pondering on what to get your partner? this is it! Just put this on and you’ve made his/her year! They range from panty and bra sets to vintage corsets, and get this…they go up to a size 4X so all my women are covered. Another thing I loved was the model, her tattoos give a naughty bad ass vibe,pin up girl look like Marilyn Monroe gone rogue and I love it!


love the corset

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So sexy lingerie for us curvy women is usually hard to come by and if you do find something that actually fits…the price tag on it is a jaw dropper, well this is the site to shop from for all your lingerie needs.

There items are also flexible because you could turn it from a bedroom look to a night out in the town.

The corset could go over a tank top and some skinny or flared jeans with some killer heels, and your ready for that hot date.

I also like what they did below with the bra, it just shows you al the possibilities, don’t be shy! dare to be different, love your curves! 🙂


love the bra with skirt!


The Unmentionables

Your probably wondering what I could possibly be talking about when I mention the unmentionables….well…here goes girdles,  shapewear     how bout we call them intimates hmm…You rarely here a woman say she is shopping for some girdles or shapewear. When reality is, maybe we should shop for them a little more often. Only problem is…when it comes to being intimate, you dont want any man knowing you have some kind of shapewear on…and to be honest. You have to find your own tactics of being discreet with them. They really help when it come to wearing clothes that are a little more fitting. You wouldn’t want all kinds of burges seem to be pouring out from you outfit, ESPECIALLY having the stomach hanging over your pants! Ladies…this is NOT ATTRACTIVe, let me repeat that IT IS NOT ATTRACTIVE, thats why some have to invest in shapewear. It is not a taboo, and once you realize it’s effects then you get to learn it’s perks. Walmart has a brand of high waisted tights or spanx which are more discreet and can be worn with a dress or skirt as tights.

High waisted underwear are also good but not great because they have the tendency of rolling downwards and believe me, if this happens your in for a rough day. I suggest anything high waisted and check for a rubber inner lining that will help prevent the rolling downward effect.

If there any men reading this…you should have quit reading at about the 1st sentence lol. Oh well! now you know our secret, lol. But ladies don’t be shy! This will give you a coke figure effect, or just to hold everything in tight.

Below I will include a video of what a shape shaper can do. This one was a bit drastic but trust me….they work miracles as you will see….The brand of the product used shown in the video, you may research on it, as you wish

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