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Valentine’s day is here..are you ready?

I came across this collecton browsing through various blogs so ofcourse I had to check out there siteand  wow…the vintage! the retro! the sexy! vibes that there brand new Valentine Vamp collection gives out is definitely a must try…I mean, valentine’s day is around the corner…and if your pondering on what to get your partner? this is it! Just put this on and you’ve made his/her year! They range from panty and bra sets to vintage corsets, and get this…they go up to a size 4X so all my women are covered. Another thing I loved was the model, her tattoos give a naughty bad ass vibe,pin up girl look like Marilyn Monroe gone rogue and I love it!


love the corset

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So sexy lingerie for us curvy women is usually hard to come by and if you do find something that actually fits…the price tag on it is a jaw dropper, well this is the site to shop from for all your lingerie needs.

There items are also flexible because you could turn it from a bedroom look to a night out in the town.

The corset could go over a tank top and some skinny or flared jeans with some killer heels, and your ready for that hot date.

I also like what they did below with the bra, it just shows you al the possibilities, don’t be shy! dare to be different, love your curves! 🙂


love the bra with skirt!


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