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A 2die4 shoot!

It’s here! it’s finally here~ The plus-size photoshoot of the year is right around the corner, the soon to be biggest fashion house in Nairobi  Fashion2die4 is conducting it’s first plus size photo shoot for us curvy women. I’m particularly excited about this one, because my friend owner and founder of fashion2die4  George does a great job at directing shoots and coming up with great concepts and his partner the gorgeous Hanako does nothing short of an amazing job at styling the models and makeup, talented duo they are :-). Check out the fashion site here . Below is some of the amazing work they have done in the past collaborated with various photographers.

eye candy

Now these is just a speck of the amazing stuff fashion2die4 can do.

In the works is a show stopping runway show from various Kenyan designers that will cater to our curvy silhouettes for showcase. This will be a spectacular event,

details to be released in the near future. All to be done by the fashion house Fashion2die4.

This shoot is definately 2die4, can’t wait to see the pics!


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  1. Love their work!! Can’t wait to see the fashion shoot! Wish I was in Nairobi.

  2. yes there work is awesome! 🙂

  3. it’s kul stuff I lyk it


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