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Satire has always been sticky.

When Dallasite Nancy Upton heard about American Apparel’s tacky pitch for a plus-size modeling contest, she was pissed. She writes on the Daily Beast:

The message [was] that a subservient, nearly naked woman has always earned a place in American Apparel’s advertising with no trouble, but that larger women need to vote each other down and compete against one another to even deserve a chance.

If you’re not familiar with American Apparel’s advertising style, it looks something like this:

Size-2 women, usually not more than 24 years of age, wearing next to nothing. Unstyled hair, no makeup, ruffled sheets. You can almost smell the sex.

American Apparel hasn’t been very “plus-size friendly” in recent years, so Upton wasn’t the only person who felt their attempt to court slightly larger consumers was more than a little disingenuous.  (And what of the plus-size men who…

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