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Curvy Style Icon: Queen Latifah

Award winning singer, rapper, actress Queen Latifah born Dana Elaine Owens. This lady has a track record of success all the way from 1989. She is doing it big in all that she does, she got that Midas touch, she is currently keeping our faces flawless as  covergirl for the Queen collection, which can be found anywhere in your local drug stores or here.

Queen Latifah is going to be our 1st curvy style icon. She is beautiful, ambitious and a role model to all the young girls out there. She let’s us know that size and shape have nothing to do with success, if you set heart and soul to it, it can be achieved! Below are pictures of the Queen looking fab in all her amazing outfits, her makeup and style is on point always. Enjoy!

People never improve unless they look to some standard or example higher and better than themselves. Tyron Edwards


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  1. She’s just gorgeous all the time!


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