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It’s New Beginnings! What didn’t make it last year…

Every new year is about new beginnings…new diets…new financial goals…new ambitions…I mean I could go on. But let’s be honest everyone sets out to have these goals accomplished but life comes along and half of those goals end up completed, the rest to be saved for the following years resolution.  Best advice I saw somewhere is that it’s best to be silent and you can plan better than the ones that are talking.

This year I will come in with a bang, I will no longer forsake my blog! Curvy girls all over need me…hehe.  Here are a pics that did not make a post last year

I plan so much or myself, remember nothing can hold you back but yourself! Go out there and be what and where you want to be…but remember! Rome was not built-in one day!! So don’t expect miracles to happen overnight….with that said…God’s speed my lovelies. Lets endure this journey together.

Please comment below on any ideas you may want to shoot out, any products you want reviewed. Styles you may want tried on a plus size body. I’m open or criticism, but no negativity.


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  1. love this babes….. plus i see me hehe!!!!! i wish u nothing but success this year…n many more years to come.keep them blogs coming.xx

  2. love the look….. eyeing some of the articles in here…. maybe u should also start selling them….


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