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Yep here I am again….I need to stop with these hiatus periods. These new job position I started sure is overwhelming, leaving me with no time for my blog :(. . This is by far the hardest post had to put up. Just difficulty with the editing and I didn’t like a lot of the pics i took,  maybe because I need to invest in a camera. Anyway enough with the excuses…back to the post, So I bought these shorts from stylist extraordinaire to the stars Toye Adedipe, I didn’t think he did the custom-made acid wash studded shorts in plus size, so I took a pessimistic chance by emailing him, Lo and behold! he did! They were kinda pricey but it’s not often us plus size girls come across shorts that actually fit :). Hey im being honest.

It’s fall season and getting chilly out there for shorts, but I will show you how to rock them in the winter and also some summer looks as well.

Below are some pics of the pics…

 I did a girls night out/date night look.  A look I call summer love and casual out and about where i paired up the shorts with some Tims.

To check out Toye’s work visit his blogwebsite or for you own pair contact him

Please comment below, leave me your critics, suggestions, I want to hear anything you have to say


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