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I can transform ya

I can transform ya

So i found this great dress ….wait….cover up, hence the title. I saw it hanging on the rack and immediately fell in love!

I honestly didn’t realize it was a cover up until I went out to lunch with a friend and a gust of wind revealed the waist high slits! oops. talk about embarrassing moments!, lol. Why i did’t notice the slit…who knows? I guess i was just too excited to be rocking the dresss.


I paired it up with a black skinny belt, just to enhance the waist.

Gold bracelet was gifted and the other from

The necklace, I love because one of my friends forgot it at my place a yr or two ago and, I ade good use of it, she’ll kill me hehe. But I wanted to maitain the tribal theme with the necklace. Being that I was in Kenya a few months back, I get plenty compliments on whether I got the dress from the mothereland,but nope i bought it for $11.99 from Ross! yep. I said it, Ross! Like i always say, don’t be afraid to venture discount retailers, because they hold gems. Below are more pics of the dress.

Please leave your comments below. let me know what you think or any suggestions or email at


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