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after a drought…im back.

it’s been months since i made a post. But im back now, for good. this is my dream and will become reality. so this past weekend I attended a friend’s wedding and this is what I wore. Image

One does not have to spend major bucks to look fab. Honestly, accessories do alot and can make an outfit. 


Ladies dont be afraid to show your curves. They define you! Confidence is key, you got it…flaunt it!


though if you notice from my previous posts, I have gained quite a bit of weight, but that does not hold me back from feeling fab. I also shaved my hair off! it’s growing back, i was basically bald when i first did it, but i’m ready to take on this natural hair challenge! wish me luck :).

***It was a hot day, the shoes were killing me. so excuse my face. lol


I love the Pink hidden platform stilletos (though the look red), they were sky high just how I love them, and just $30!!! But like they say, you get what you pay for, because after 30min in them…i was literally about to be in tears, they are definately shoecide. I dont think I have ever experienced such discomfort from a shoe.


The dress and accessories were such a bargain. Never be afraid to shop at spots like walmart or Ross, you never know what affordable unique treasures you can find.



strap them shoes on and walk with me, let's talk...

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