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Black & White

I can’t sleep,it’s 4am and I figured why not post? hehe. I never have time on the same day to make outfit posts, that explains me keeping plenty pics on my computer ready to be posted.

Xmas eave I went out with some friends and decided to wear a black and white very simple lady-like dress, but if you follow my posts by now, umm….im probably not that simple, so I vamped the outfit with black and silver spike accessories and black peep-toe booties with silver spikes. Yes, this was the kind of shoes, that if anyone looked down….they wouldn’t bother pestering me, lol.

To finish off the outfit I carried a black and silver snakeskin oversize clutch and my fav ring from the kardashian collection.

All I could get were three pics because we were rushing out the house, but hopefully this enough to give some curvy women an idea on how to pull off a black and white oufit. xoxo. I also wish I got a close up of the shoes. they will make a debut on another post.

Put your stilletto’s on, walk with me and let me know what you think…leave a comment below 🙂

Color can do anything that black-and-white can…..Vincente Minnelli


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  1. gaqenia kagucia

    The shoes woman!!!I wanna have babies with em,I’m so freakin in love!!

  2. hey girl..
    love love love your blog!!!
    this look HOT!! those shoes i want!!
    Ligwa’s Curvy World


strap them shoes on and walk with me, let's talk...

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