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Hitting the streets!

Now this outfit may a bit daring for most, especially us curvy women that may not like to show too much skin…but, you only live once and there classy ways of doing it. Confidence is key people!

I named the post Hitting the Streets! beacause when some of ya’ll see the outfit…hmm…yea. Enjoy.

Me and my girls were headed to enjoy the nightlife of Nairobi…the night ended up being unforgettable…here is a quick review of my outfit.

There were alot of pics, so I just made an album for them. I wore…

a lace top…red undergarments, if anything is going to show I like it to be red, red always brings the sexy.

A black and white striped skirt… I know I know as a curvy woman, stylists have mentioned plenty of times for us to avoid stripes like the plague….but you will see I pulled it off.

And a red heel to put the look together.

If you have a black motor jacket…it would go perfect with a striped skirt and chunky jeffrey campbell heels


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  1. am your biggest FAN!!! i think you rocked and look totally awesome.<3

  2. aww thankyou my dear…much love

  3. You made it work. I’m sure you got LOADS of attention that night…lol

  4. hehe.. a lil too much attention, but I ain’t complaining…lol. thnxx sweets!

  5. gaqenia kagucia

    Looove that!!


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