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Polite night…

This is a post of an outfit I wore awhile back, right before my month vacation to the motherland. I was to meet a few friends for some drinks, and planned for what was supposed to be a polite night…we ended up having a blast and partying till the early morn…a last hoora it definitely was.

At first I left the house wearing a plain black tank top underneath, the rocker michael jackson jacket as I call it lol.

I love tank tops of all colors because you can either dress them up or down. Bell bottom jeans I got from (took advantage of there half of everything sale).  Curvy ladies, invest in a pair of flared jeans, they give a beautiful silhouette of your curves. But the above is what I wore before I raided my friends closet.

I love sheer see-through tops, so when I saw the see through, low back top hanging in my friends closet, I had to try it on and I loved it!…hehe. I gifted it to myself, and she was kind enough to let me keep it.






















Remember, you’re braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and smarter than you think. Unknown.







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  1. Looking good girl! Looking good!!


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