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The Ripped Jean

I love the destroyed denim style, some may call it ripped/destroyed or distressed jean, whatever suits. But it is really frustrating to see them everywhere but not in plus size?? I got a pair once at, but it wasn’t quite what I as looking for, so you know what…I made my own. All you need is an old pair of jeans. I don’t suggest you use new ones because you are about to destroy them, hehe. This should be fun :-). If you don’t have any that you want to rip, visit your local thrift store and get a pair from there.

Ok, what you will need is a pair of jeans and a razor and slash away. Put them on first and mark where you want the slits to be, you dont want to start cutting away and find, where you thought was the knee is now a big hole on your thigh, also find some pics of distressed jeans online that you like and use them as inspiration.

I had before and after pics of my jeans but somehow, they got lost in my phone (don’t know how that happened). Here are some pics of jeans I liked…let’ s see if you can duplicate the style. If you want the faded look to go with it too, just put some bleach in a spray bottle and spray away.BUT be careful where you spray! Share pics of your work here with me

Good thing with these, if you make a mistake, the jeans can still be worn. Get some funky colored tights or fishnets and just wear them underneath to give an edgy twist.


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  1. hi.u gt awsme examplz.i lv em ol.


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