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Simply Casual

So this outfit was worn on a loose Monday, was hungry so decided to go out for a drink with friends, since it was just a casual and a chilly night out (winter is here 😦 ), I threw on a belted grey sweater, a pair of tights  and some booties.

The reason for a belted sweater is, some sweaters you could wear and just get lost in them, meaning they wont accentuate your curves, A belt is to give you definition, if the sweater doesnt come with a belt improvise and slip of one of your own belts, red, yellow, green for some added color or for just a casual night a black belt around the waist, will give your the added curves.

Sorry ladies, in future posts I will include links on where to find similar fashions and most “our” size. :-). Coz we love our curves!

I loved the lace detail that came down the sides of the tights, I believe I got them at dots. And the zipper booties, I got from my collection, bought them a couple yrs back.  I had stopped carrying big bags awhile back that’s why I have the Nine west red wrislet, but I think i’ll get back into carrying around a oversize bag because there are lot of necessities I need with me, that I always leave in my car.

Here’s a closer look at the booties I just loved the zipper detail,and I loved the interior even more, lol what good is that if i’m just going to wear the shoe and cover all that? lol I’m just weird like that.

Well Ladies, remeber your curves are luscious, embrace them with fashion and a mean stilletto! Keep your head up, wear your confidence because that is the most attractive part of a woman! xoxo


strap them shoes on and walk with me, let's talk...

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