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the little black dress

Every woman has that little black dress that they can put on and feel like a diva! It could be the dress you wear to a wedding or the freakum dress to a club. Black for the curvy woman is very slimming(I guess that’s why my whole closet is filled with black, lol).  But ladies….like Joan Rivers said,”black is slimming but does not perform magic.” So we still have to know how to wear it and what dress shapes accentuate our curves and not make us bulge in all the wrong places.

On the above outfit, I had a top that would stretch down to below my bottom, so I chose to wear it as a dress on a night out with some friends paired with stockings and bright yellow lacy peep toe heels that I got for a steal! (they were on sale for $9). The yellow brings the outfit to life. A YELLOW THICK belt around the waist would do great to hide any unflattering burges around the waist.  Accessorize the outfit to make the outfit pop!

Above is an example on how to wear the belt, I was feeling rather bloated and needed the belt to wear over my waist. The black sweater dress accentuated with accessories to give it a rocker look. If your not too comfortable with showing too much skin, slap on a pair of tights, they also help in holding everything in *my ladies know what I mean. I absolutely love the silver headband, it helps cure my bad hair day, plus you can wear it to a dressy occasion or on a casual day out or even to work.

Below I will show
a few pics of my friends in there little black dresses, they are curvy and sexy and wear the dresses well 🙂


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